About Us

Jack Russell Home Services was started in 2005 by owner, Jack Russell Thompson. Raised in SW Washington, An Army Veteran of Iraq, and Wildlife Biologist from Washington State University.

Jack Originally Started it as a Wildlife Damage Management business focused on removing problem animals such as raccoons and opossums from people's homes.

After a very short time focused on animal handling, Jack realized that fixing homes to make them animal proof was not only a more effective method of dealing with the problem, but was more cost effective for clients in the long run, and a better business model.

After a few more years of solving wildlife problems by home fortification and habitat modification, and going through several employees who never seemed to want to stick around long enough to really learn the job, and facing the seasonality of the work, Jack had to come up with a way to keep quality people employed reliably year round.

Since he was already engaged in many home improvement tasks necessary to keep animals out, such as siding, foundation, fencing, deck modifications, landscape modifications, crawspace restorations, gutter repairs, insulation work, and roofing work, Jack decided that he might as well start doing those types of jobs independent of the animal calls.

So, he started hiring a crew of experienced home improvement technicians to help do that work.

Home Improvement Services in Galvin, WA

While Jack himself is still focused on the Wildlife Damage management aspect, he has a full crew of experienced handymen ready to take on any home repair and improvement task that comes their way. No job too small, and the connections to insure big jobs go smoothly.

Jack Russell Home Services can now offer any kind of home maintenance task. We aim to be the best customer service you've ever had in the handyman realm. Reliable appointments, Every employee is also an owner with benefits so they care about the business reputation for the long term and want the business to continue to grow and improve as time goes on.

Currently Jack Russell Home Services Employs the following people

Jack Russell Thompson. Wildlife Biologist. US Army Military Police Gamewarden and Iraq veteran. Experienced in wildlife management, Behavior, handling, trapping, exclusion, fortification, restoration, cleanup, repairs, exterior maintenance, land and brush clearing, heavy equipment operation.

Cameron Nurminen. Environmental Scientist. Experienced in Habitat management, Landscape design maintenance and construction, structural fortifications, crawlspace restorations, and exterior repairs.

Richard Hayhurst. Experienced general carpenter and handyman. Interior remodeling specialist, Experienced in Exterior home maintenance cleaning and repairs, painting, and structural modifications.

We also regularly subcontract trusted roofing, siding, HVAC, Insulation, concrete, and garage door specialists for projects too large for our current crew to handle in a timely fashion. All Jack Russell Home Service Subcontractors are carefully selected to follow our strict animal proof standards, and high quality of materials to ensure our 5 year guarantee on all work.

If you have a project you need done around your house, and aren't sure who to call, if we can't do it, we will subcontract someone who can.